About Me


I’m Eyal Ben Ivri, a techy guy, but with passion for photography.

I love shooting people, city landscape, and nature. Whenever me and my family are out and about, my camera is with me.

My philosophy on photography can be summed-up by these beautiful lines:

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”
Leonard Cohen, Anthem, 1992

In my eyes, these words express that the nature of man is broken. Out natural state in incomplete and imperfect. But that’s what makes the beauty of man. That what allows us to be. But if we look at the “light” part, and think about photography, which is basically an art form of creating art with light, it makes sense to me, that photography is about catching that imperfection, and beauty of just being.

A photographer is thinking about light constantly. How much light vs. shadow is in the frame? What about the colours (which are light waves in varying lengths)? How much light enters the lens? For how long?

A photographer uses light to capture an image, and to tell a story through his lens. Which is also a crack through which, light enters.

I’ve had my photography thing from 2014, so it’s relatively new, and i’m still learning, and what i do know, is that it’s lots of fun, and i’m not seeing myself ever distancing from it.

Hope you enjoy this photoblog.

I know i’m enjoying adding content.


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